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Top Speaking Engagements:

1) The Top Ten Legal Mistakes of Entrepreneurs (also called The Top Ten Legal Mistakes of Small Businesses)

This workshop is geared toward all kinds of entrepreneurs—including small business owners and freelancers as well as startups. You will learn common mistakes that many early-stage startups and small business owners make, and the best practices to help avoid these common traps. This session will give a 10,000-foot overview of the legal issues you must have in mind as a business owner. What you don’t know can hurt your business and can create personal liability. Learn how to deal with the realities of starting and running a startup or small business before trouble comes up, with these key principles in mind.

2) Contract Negotiation Tips and Tricks Workshop

Learn to be a better negotiator! Does contract negotiation give you angst? Do you dread having difficult conversations with your employees, boss, vendors, investors, or family members? Life demands that you negotiate contracts every day. This Workshop will dissect how the practical application of theory, strategy and methodology can help you get your counterpart to say yes. Bring your toughest challenge and come away with a new approach for resolution.com/config/

3) Contract Essentials

Participants will learn the basic requirements of contract performance, good contracting practices, and how to avoid contract disputes, with special emphasis on contracts that most small businesses need, such as customer, vendor, employment and partnership contracts.

4) Legal Vitamins for Entrepreneurs: Best Tips for Preventing Costly Legal Trouble and Lowering Your Legal Spend

This interactive workshop is designed to help business owners understand the preventative steps they can take to avoid legal problems in the future. Participants will learn how to conduct a mini legal self-audit of their business operations to minimize risk, when to call – and when not to call - a lawyer, and practical tips they can use immediately to reduce their legal spend.

5) Hiring Do's and Don'ts: Top Ten Hiring Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

 This interactive and approachable workshop will teach you to identify and avoid some of the most common legal hiring mistakes that can torpedo your efforts to grow your business, whether it's your first hire or a rapid expansion. The 2-part series is designed to test your legal IQ, raise awareness, and improve your skills at issue spotting. The workshop topics include misclassification of workers (unpaid interns, volunteers, independent contractors, and who is exempt from overtime), shortcutting the hiring process, skipping mandatory new hire legal requirements, and the consequences of not establishing your brand of corporate culture.

6) Intellectual Property Basics for Small Businesses: What to Protect, What Not to Protect and What Mistakes to Avoid.

Learn the essentials for safeguarding the unique attributes, discoveries and creations of your business, including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets.

7) Better Together - Joint Ventures for Small Businesses and Consultants

Learn the “do’s and don'ts” of creating joint ventures with your colleagues in order to expand your business and contract opportunities.

8) Incorporation Basics - Which Business Structure Is Best For Your Small Business

Learn how to select the best business form for your for-profit small business: Proprietorship (d/b/a), Partnership, Corporation (S Corp or C Corp) or LLC.

9) What Entity Is Right for your Social Enterprise?

Learn how to choose the right entity for your social enterprise: B Corporation, Non-profit Corporation, or LLC with Benefit Certification.

10) Dispute Resolution for Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Before you sign that contract, make sure you understand the difference between leveraged negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and litigation (court).

11) Protecting Your Business Assets Through Restrictive Covenants

This workshop will focus on non-solicitation agreements to prevent the poaching of your employees, customers and vendors, and the importance of non-disclosure and non-competition agreements.

12) Don’t Be That Boss: Legal Steps & Missteps When Growing Your Workforce - “Sofia’s Bakery And Café -Too Big, Too Fast”’

In this 2+ hour workshop, a large group of attendees learn through a fictional and entertaining case study about an inner-city bakery that opens and grows without controls, interspersed with small group/team activities. Teams of 4 or 5 attendees compete as they evaluate whether each decision of the business owner is a "step in the right direction" or a "misstep." Topics include discrimination, compliance, hiring, on-boarding, record keeping, progressive discipline, and termination,

13) “Storm Clouds Over Fairweather” – Traps in Employment Law for Small Business Owners

In this 90-minute workshop, participants are presented with a case study about a city carwash business that, though well intentioned, commits error after error in its management of operations and employees. Participants meet in groups of 6-8, competing to identify the most legal violations and operational errors, and this is followed by a review of the violations and a vibrant Q&A session on these issues. Topics include misuse of independent contractors, harassment and discrimination, tip statute, minimum wage law and overtime.

14) Don’t Be That Boss: How to Avoid Common Employer-Employee Mistakes

In this 2+-hour workshop, a large group of attendees learn through fictional and entertaining case studies, followed by interactive group discussions guided by Assignment Worksheets with supporting “Cheat Sheets.” It works best with a minimum of 20 people in attendance, who then break out into smaller groups during the interactive sessions. It works for both owners of existing businesses and for those who are thinking about starting a new business. Attendees will learn how to avoid worker misclassification and other common employer-employee mistakes, as well as how to protect their assets through appropriate restrictive covenants.

15) Joint Ventures and Partnerships: Learn, Engage and Execute™ - Using Joint Venture Agreements to Get More Contract Opportunities

This program begins with a PowerPoint presentation on the legal essentials of forming a joint venture or partnership, followed by an interactive group activity where attendees are given the parameters of a fictional business opportunity that the attendees, as participants, wish to pursue. The concept is a role-playing activity. Attendees network to find fictional joint venture partners and, by working out the terms of a (fictional) joint venture agreement, they learn how partnerships help to build capacity. When this subject matter is presented to attendees in the development and building trades, we offer an additional segment on "How to Respond to an RFP," with emphasis on teaching the 11 most important "Tips, Tricks and Traps" to successful bidding.

16) Business Roundtables (Conference Room Style): Learn, Ask and Share™

We offer Business Roundtable talks on topics of interest to small business owners. We recommend a 2-hour time period, with a short break in the middle. On the business side, we speak on issues such as Choosing Your Business Entity; What To Consider When Purchasing A Business; The Most Common Legal Mistakes Of Small Businesses - A Guide For Small Business Owners; Contract Essentials; and Restrictive Covenants to Protect Corporate Assets. This is among our most frequently requested curriculum. On the HR side, there are literally dozens of HR issues that small business owners confront. In the Roundtable setting, we provide an overview of two or three areas of HR law, such as Wage and Hour Issues (Worker Misclassification: Exempt/Non-exempt/Independent Contractors), Progressive Discipline, and Discrimination and Harassment.