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Susan Labandibar, President, Tech Networks of Boston

SUSAN'S STORY: Susan’s consulting company had accumulated several legal issues that needed to be addressed. She also needed a lawyer to create a new company for her. She had a limited budget for legal, and a fast timetable.  A trusted advisor recommended our “One Day and Done" option. Susan booked her first DailyGC™ Day and, at the conclusion of 8 hours, the legal issues were successfully resolved.

SUSAN'S TESTIMONIAL: "The concept sounded intriguing. Rather than dragging things out, the One Day and Done™ concept is focused on keeping legal services affordable by planning one day in which to, literally, get it all done. I have now used Joel Sowalsky (his partner is Jan Glassman) for two "One Day and Done" sessions. And now have him on a very affordable retainer. I couldn't recommend him--or this concept--highly enough. As a former CEO, Joel Sowalsky brings a wealth of practical business knowledge to his work. I swear, if he wasn't so busy as an attorney, I'd hire him as a business coach!”

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Dr. Tomasz Wawrzyniak, Manager, The Therapy Room Associates, LLC

TOMASZ'S STORY:  Tomasz was launching a new business, offering co-working space to licensed therapists. He had lined up office space and was near capacity with clients ready to sign. All that separated him from executing on his plan were two key contracts. Tomasz heard about DailyGC™ from a colleague and called us with an urgent request for help. He scheduled his first DailyGC™ Day for 2 days later. Within the 3 days of contacting us, he had the first of two critical contracts needed to open his new business. He then scheduled his second first DailyGC™ Day for the following week. With his two contracts in hand, Tomasz was able to open his new business on time.

TESTIMONIAL: “I am very happy to let you know that your legal work for my business resulted in a great success. My operations were able to start on time, I was fully prepared and protected, and had high quality, professional contract in place for my clients….I would be delighted to recommend your services.”

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Paul J. Cormier, Treasurer, Diamond T Manufacturing, INC

PAUL'S STORY: As CFO of a national subcontracting construction company, Paul routinely was confronted with a multitude of challenging operational problems that demanded critical legal analysis and aggressive advocacy. For over two decades, Paul was able to rely on Joel for successful resolution of corporate legal issues.

PAUL'S TESTIMONIAL: "In working with Joel Sowalsky for 20 years…[he] has performed extraordinarily as Corporate Counsel, Corporate Advisor and Vice Chairman/General Counsel. Joel delivers the unique ability to reduce the problem to the foundation and simply articulate strategic solutions. Once planned, Joel aggressively pursues execution and success.” 

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Aaron M. Albert, President, Harodite Industries, Inc.

AARON'S STORY: Aaron’s manufacturing company had a potentially explosive employment law issue. In addition, he wanted a review and update of his corporate practices and procedures to ensure legal compliance. He booked a DailyGC™ Day. In one day, we provided a no-cost, long-term solution to his employee problem and counseled him and a key staff member with preventative advice on numerous legal issues.

AARON'S TESTIMONIAL: "While the day began with the resolution of a potentially explosive employee issue with a brilliant no-cost solution you quickly helped us figure out a way to prevent the issue from ever arising again. By spending an entire day together we received guidance and counsel on numerous legal issues I never knew existed….The value proposition in knowing that there is a very reasonable fixed cost for the expertise and protection we get from you is a true comfort.”

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Jacqueline Rose Dube, Owner, Jacqueline Jase Face & Body Center, LLC

JACQUELINE'S STORY: Jacqueline’s spa business was poised for growth, and she needed counsel on several legal issues that impacted her business. Over the course of a single day, she was able to get all of her issues addressed with practical recommendations for growth.

JACQUELINE'S TESTIMONIAL: “I found Daily General Counsel’s innovative approach to legal matters refreshing. This simplified and fast-paced format creates a win-win scenario for all involved by maximizing results and minimizing costs associated with legal issues…I would highly recommend the services of Daily General Counsel.”

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adam korngold, owner, waves car wash; founder & managing Member, Washify Services, LLC

ADAM'S STORY: Adam’s car wash business and related tech company had three specific legal issues that needed to be addressed. He had difficulty breaking away from the demands of the business to travel to meet with counsel and deal with his legal problems, but he wanted a fast solution. He contacted us and scheduled a DailyGC™ Day.  All 3 issues were resolved in one day, and Adam never had to leave the office.

ADAM'S TESTIMONIAL: "The entire experience was easy for me. Having worked with many attorneys in the past, I was amazed that we were able to solve all of my issues in only one day. By working at my office, you allowed me to run my business as usual without me taking time out of my busy schedule to visit an attorney’s office. I look forward to working with you again in the future as issues arise with my business.”

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JAMIE'S STORY: Jamie reached out to DailyGC™ when she was confronted with a time-sensitive, complex employment severance situation. Joel immediately brought Jamie up to speed on employment law principles and saw the matter through to a successful conclusion.

JAMIE'S TESTIMONIAL: "Joel quickly conveyed his extensive knowledge of employment law, which greatly aided my understanding of the terms of the agreement. His critical questioning of the factual history guided me through the settlement process and ensured that my best interest was at the forefront of the agreement.”

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DEVRA'S STORY: As the Executive Director of a non-profit, Devra was faced with a multitude of business issues with legal ramifications.” These included privacy, confidentiality and other employment law matters. Devra opted for a DailyGC™ Day, which provided ample time to resolve all outstanding issues.

DEVRA'S TESTIMONIAL: “As a small nonprofit growing in scope and services, we are faced with a variety of important business matters that require legal expertise…After contacting a variety of sources, we were delighted to have Jan Glassman of DailyGC™ work with us to handle our issues…To us, the matters seem complicated, but Jan’s approach is easy, direct and complete…”

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Phil Brown, founder, brown counsel

PHIL'S STORY: Phil and Jan were opposing counsel on a highly contentious, major lawsuit arising out of employment agreements. As the litigation progressed, Phil grew concerned about the likelihood of success for his client. The case settled.

PHIL'S TESTIMONIAL:  "From the start it was apparent to me that [Jan] was not only extremely competent as an attorney but that she also was adept at both managing the litigation process vis-à-vis her client and me, as opposing counsel….[Her] ability to assess the case from both a merits and business perspective and then to convey that assessment was another strength of her that helped the parties reach a settlement. In short, Jan not only has a strong intellect, but she uses her intellect to reach practical solutions then has the personal skills to implement those solutions.”

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Bill Crawford, President, Environmental Interiors, Inc.

BILL'S STORY: As a longtime member of the Senior Management team at a national subcontracting construction company, Bill frequently encountered time-sensitive business problems that required immediate legal advice or intervention.  Bill needed more than a legal directive. In working with Joel, Bill found an advocate who viewed the problem from the lens of the business owner and who devised solutions that kept the business goals of the company paramount.

BILL'S TESTIMONIAL: "Whether it was as outside counsel or as a valued employee, Joel always provided us with thoughtful and insightful advice, an exceptional business perspective, and was an outstanding advocate who swiftly resolved any issues we encountered with professionalism and integrity….Joel’s guidance, support and friendship over the years were instrumental to the success of Environmental Interiors.”

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jim smith, Founding Partner, Smith, Costello & Crawford

JIM'S STORY:  As law firm partners and most recently collaborating as co-counsel in matters within the cannabis industry, Jim frequently needs a go-to lawyer to solve difficult legal matters. Joel is Jim’s solution.  

JIM'S TESTIMONIAL: "Thoughtful, smart, quick study and tough…these are just a few of the words that come to mind in describing the legal skills that Joel Sowalsky can bring to a problem….I can’t think of anyone else in this business that can parachute in and solve a problem as quickly as Joel.”

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gershon gewirtz

GERSHON'S STORY:  Gershon needed an aggressive attorney to represent him on a critical contract.  Because the circumstances required an advocate who could handle extreme challenges while developing consensus for a reasoned solution, he hired Joel. 

GERSHON'S TESTIMONIAL: Joel Sowalsky [was] my attorney during very successful negotiations….When faced with a tense or extreme challenge, Joel exhibits an uncanny ability to unravel the offending issue into its primary components and offer a more reasoned formulation for consideration…It is truly a personal pleasure for me to enthusiastically recommend Joel Sowalsky as an attorney.”

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