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What is the difference between a DailyGC™ Day and DailyGC™ On-Demand?

Our One Day and Done™ model offers flat fee, single-day, on-site, affordable General Counsel Services, providing a full day of legal services and strategic legal counsel to owners, key managers and Executive Directors.  It is often the perfect solution for business owners with concrete and time-sensitive legal problems with clearly defined objectives.  We will provide you with the answers and strategies for your legal-related business problems. In order to help you get quick solutions at an affordable price, we will work exclusively from the information and documents that you provide to us, with little or no additional investigation and research. Our unique approach of “One Day and Done”™ means that we aim to provide you in one day with a comprehensive strategy for resolving your most pressing issues and problems, before we leave your office.  Booking a DailyGC™ Day is ideal for business owners with urgent, concrete legal problems that are susceptible of resolution in one day.  See our FAQ below, "What realistically can be accomplished in a day with a lawyer?

Our DailyGC™ On-Demand model offers on-call General Counsel services to provide the full array of legal services that a small business may need. As a startup ourselves, we are very sensitive to the high cost of operating a business.  We are aware that the need for accessible and affordable legal counsel is especially acute in underserved communities, for nonprofits, and for companies and startups that are pre-revenue.  Since not all legal matters can be resolved in one day, we offer DailyGC™ On-Demand. Clients call upon us as their outside General Counsel, as needed, for legal and business advice to prevent and to resolve legal problems.  We view our clients’ business operations through the lens of the owner, and together we design business solutions that provide a roadmap for success in running a legally compliant business. 

How much Does it Cost?

In order to further our social impact mission, we use a sliding scale.  We provide pre-revenue businesses (including those with no funding or loans) our lowest rate, with a mid-rate for companies with revenue but who are not yet fully sustainable.  For those entities that are established and sustainable, we charge our basic, affordable rate.

One Day and Done

Pre-revenue (including companies with no funding or loans): $1,600
Revenue but not fully sustainable: $1,900
Established and sustainable: $2,300

DailyGC™ On-Demand

Pre-revenue (including companies with no funding or loans): $225
Revenue but not fully sustainable: $265
Established and sustainable: $325 - $375 (depending on complexity of the work)

Do you offer Flat Fee pricing for matters that do not require the full 8 hours of a DailyGC™ Day?

If you know exactly what you want, with nothing more, and we can provide it efficiently and effectively, we will quote you a flat fee for the work.  No surprises!  

When should I first hire DailyGC™?

That depends upon your experience as a small business owner and the nature of the problem(s) that you have. You need to focus your time and attention on operations, sales and survival.  If you are new to the business world, then you may want to hire us as soon as you have put together your business to discuss such things as your business structure, hiring and paying employees, developing customer contracts, negotiating a lease or loan, or preparing for investors or joint venture partners.  Similarly, you may want to hire us as soon as you have revenue or are having problems collecting money that is owed to you.  On the other hand, even if you are experienced in business, you know that vendor disputes, customer disputes, personnel problems, banking issues, landlord issues and the like do not go away, they distract you from your business, and they get worse with time.  You should hire us as soon as those problems rear their ugly heads. 

How does DailyGC deliver on its social impact mission? 

For the past several years, the lawyers at DailyGC™ have partnered with dozens of non-profits in the greater Boston area to provide free workshops and legal coaching.  In addition, DailyGC™ has been under contract with the City of Boston to provide On-Site Technical Assistance, whereby we deliver legal services to small businesses within the City to help them build capacity.  Commencing in July 2017, DailyGC™ has partnered with the Eastern Bank's Business Equity Initiative (BEI) and serves as an embedded Strategic Advisor to successful but underserved black and Latino-owned businesses that, as Participating Enterprises, are committed to taking their businesses to the next level.

At the same time, in order to further our social impact mission, for both of our business models we not only offer very affordable rates to all of our clients. We also use a sliding scale, providing pre-revenue businesses our lowest rate, with a mid-rate for companies with revenue but not fully sustainable.  For those entities that are established and sustainable, we charge our basic, affordable rate.

How much does a DailyGC™ Day cost ?

Utilizing a need-based (pre-revenue/revenue but not fully sustainable/fully sustainable) sliding scale, we charge a very affordable flat rate that ranges from $1,600 to $2,300.  Our fee includes working with you for up to 8 hours at your place of business, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., with a half-hour lunch break.  It also includes our travel, communication, legal research fees, parking, and meal costs.  One-half of our fee is paid at the time you hire us and schedule your DailyGC™ Day.  The remainder of our fee is paid when we arrive at your place of business on your DailyGC™ Day. Our rate includes travel within the Boston area, legal research, parking, postage, etc. Our rate does not include any filing fees that we pay on your behalf.

What actually happens on the DailyGC™ Day?

After you hire us, you will receive an email asking you to complete our Priority Issues Identifier Form™, to describe and prioritize the items you wish to address during your day of General Counsel Services.  On your DailyGC™ Day, our lawyer will arrive at your office by 8:30 a.m.  We begin with a review of your Priority Issues, including our general assessment of what realistically can be accomplished over the course of the day.  Our goals are, first, to help you to analyze and resolve your most demanding problems, and second, to address other legal-related business problems that are less imminent or even preventative.  This assessment will be repeated at least once every three hours during the course of the day, allowing you to control how our time is spent with you, with an opportunity to reprioritize the issues or elect to determine to spend more time on one matter at the expense of not reaching others.  We will attack the first priority issue, gathering additional information as needed and working with you to determine a course of action for resolving the problem.  Once we reach an end point to that issue, we will move on to the next issue.  This continues until all issues have been covered or 5:00 p.m., whichever comes first, at which point the lawyer’s workday ends.

Within one week after providing you with General Counsel Services, we will send you a Summary Confidential Report, describing briefly the issues that were discussed, the advice provided, and any remaining actions that need to be taken by you.

Do I have to be physically present with my DailyGC™ lawyer for the entire 8 hours?

In the same room, no.  There typically will be periods when your lawyer will be reviewing documents and papers, reviewing cases, statutes or regulations, or preparing documents or correspondence at your request.  During those times, you may have time to answer some emails or make a couple calls. In addition, there may be other periods during a DailyGC™ Day when your lawyer will be meeting with other people in your company to gather information or to resolve a departmental problem.   

What realistically can be accomplished in a day with a lawyer?

 A lot more than you may think.  We can: Discuss with you the optimum form and structure of your new businesses and then create it (LLCs, partnerships and corporations); Negotiate and resolve customer, vendor, and personnel problems; Show you how to effectively discipline employees and terminate employees; Help you to prepare for intensive negotiations with lenders, landlords and potential adversaries; Work with you to draft enforceable customer contracts that enhance your rights of collection and to help your accounting departments to develop effective collection practices and procedures; Write and negotiate construction contracts and purchase order forms;  Help you to develop effective and compliant personnel policies and employee manuals; Provide a second opinion for on-going or potential litigation; Provide discrimination and harassment seminars for your employees; Conduct a job classification/wage and hour audit, Lead hiring and wage and hour training for your management team; Help your new company by ensuring that it is in compliance with all standard legal requirements in anticipation of your seeking a loan or an investment; Draft responses to lawyer letters and strategize your follow-up negotiations; Negotiate directly with adverse attorneys and try to resolve contentious problems; Help you wade through your insurance policies in order to submit and pursue covered claims; And so much more….      

What if we finish before the end of a full day?

It is extremely rare for our lawyers to complete our analysis and examination of all of your Priority Issues before the end of a full day.  In fact, more commonly, during the course of a day we will explore pressing or critical matters that are directly related to but were not included on your Priority Issues form, easily filling the day's time.  However, in those rare circumstances where we complete your Priority Issues, you are free to raise other questions, issues and problems relating to your business.    

Can there be follow-up with my DailyGC™ lawyer after my DailyGC™ Day?

Absolutely.  In addition to our One Day and Done™ model, our DailyGC™ On-Demand model offers on-call General Counsel services to provide the full array of legal services that a small business may need.